Full stack web developer

As I am a proactive and enthusiastic full stack developer with 4 years of professional experience, I have been providing clients with websites & applications with a modern design that is running fast and secure.

I focus on simplifying the user experience & interface and delivering a clean and modern design aesthetic that highlights your objectives.

I excel in converting Figma/XD designs into a seamlessly animated landing page using React.js. Besides, I am very familiar with SSR/SSG frameworks such as Next.js/Gatsby that make the React.js project SEO-friendly.

I am also good at CMS frameworks such as WordPress and Shopify. Integrating headless cms is not also a difficult problem for me.

I deliver the clean and DRY code which will optimize your project.

I always bring a comprehensive approach to developing projects. I take the time to listen to your goals and needs and then tailor my approach to what is best for your business.

I am ready to contribute to your great idea. Thank you for your consideration.


Services that I can provide you


Gain the business's goal
  • Good performance with SEO.

  • Make a brand stand out.

  • Emphasis customer revenue.

  • Consisting with user-friend features.

  • High CTA(Call To Action) & CTR(Click Through Rate).


Aim to performance
  • REST-ful APIs development

  • Well-organized data structure

  • High-security with authentication


  • Allows multiple users.

  • Streamlines scheduling.

  • Site maintenance.

  • Design changes are simple.

  • Manage content without code.

My Skills

My Skills



✅ Language

HTML5, CSS3/SCSS/SASS/LESS, JavaScript/TypeScript

✅ Frameworks

React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js

✅ UI Library

Material UI, Bootstrap, Reactstrap, Semantic UI, JSS, Styled Components, TailWind CSS, AntD, GSAP


Next.js, Gatsby

✅ BlockChain




✅ Language

Node.js, PHP, Liquid

✅ Frameworks

Express, Laravel

✅ CMS Frameworks

WordPress, Shopify,

✅ HeadlessCMS

Prismic, Stackbit, Sanity

✅ DataBases & Query Language

MongoDB, MySQL/ DB, MS-DB/SQL, PostgreDB/SQL, GraphQL



✅ Cloud Hosting Server

Vercel, Heroku, Netlify, Surge, Digital Ocean

✅ Utility Tools

Slack, JIRA, Hub stuff, Docker

✅ Version Control System

GitHub/GitLab, BitBucket

Reviews from Clients

Reviews from Clients